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It is For Freedom

Jul 27, 2021

Christina Dent is a writer, TEDx speaker, and perpetual question asker. She grew up in a conservative, Christian home and earned a degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Christian Ministry from Belhaven University. 


As a young adult, Christina assumed she had a solid understanding of how the world works. That changed when she and her husband became foster parents in 2014 and she got an up-close look at the realities of addiction, drug use, and the far-reaching negative impact of our drug laws.   


Christina founded End It For Good out of her desire to invite others to listen to the voices of those impacted by our drug laws and consider a different way. She is currently writing a book on the research and experiences that changed her mind about the best path forward to reduce harm from drugs. 


Christina is married to her college sweetheart, Thomas, and they live in Ridgeland, MS, with their three sons. On the weekends you can find her biking, in a hammock reading a biography, or hosting friends for dinner.  


I'm on Facebook, IG, and Twitter @ChristinaBDent


End It For Good is on Facebook, IG, and Twitter at @EndItForGoodMS