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It is For Freedom

May 7, 2019

Erin Blair is married to her best friend, Matt, and they have 4 beautiful world changing daughters.  Erin and Matt planted Limitless Church in Tampa, Florida in 2014. Erin battled drug and alcohol addiction from age 12-21.  While in rehab after a second DUI, Erin rededicated her life to Jesus and prayed to be used by Him to inspire others one day.  She has been free from addiction since 2002 and now lives to help others know the life changing power of Gods love.  She leads the womens ministry, Sisterhood, at Limitless and enjoys connecting with other women in ministry all over the United States.  Though she loves to see women set free and experience an intimate relationship with Jesus, her greatest passion is first found in her home teaching her own girls how to walk out freedom and BE THE CHANGE the world needs to see.  Erin believes the local Church is the hope of the world and to play a small part in the big picture is truly an honor and something she wants to invite all those she meets into. Her life motto is: Be set free so you can set others free!